| Make This Motion Count |

This is why I’m here
This is why I came to Rhodes
This is why I have bruises from my hips to my toes and from my shoulders to my wrists
This is why my free time is my theatre time
This is why my boot is full of props
Why I warm up so hard my pants fall down
Why I spend my money on props, not booze
(although to get by, we sometimes gotta get high)
It’s why I get up at 7am while most of my building is still asleep
It’s why the Espresso machine is overworked
It’s why, despite all the kak of this term, I am HAPPY right now!

First showing, down!
I am so proud of my boys and myself.
I am proud to be doing Femi Osofisan’s work
and to be working with awesome people
and that I am too busy doing GREAT things, to think too much about some or other useless twit.

here’s to great things*


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