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Okay, so we all understand that my parking skills are a little pathetic.

But now I have a real problem, which is that every glass pane in my car fogs up at night and does NOT defog until sunrise! Regardless of whether I drive with the fans on, the windows down, the windscreen wipers spazzing from left to right at light speed. The glass stays coated in condensation, leaving me no option but to drive at 20km/h down Grahamstown streets, craning my head out of the open window, to see where the heck I’m going.

Is this normal?! I get that the car is 18 years old and cranky, but seriously!? I couldn’t see anything last night, was really scary driving back home. I gave the mechanics a tinkle and they seem just as baffled. Which implies that God alone can fix this atrocity, and I need to find a priest and schedule and exorcism. If the mechanics don’t know, then I’m screwed. What is wrong with my car?!

In other news, I finally got some empty bottles of whisky and gin, which I needed for my Directing piece.
Muchos excite πŸ˜€


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  1. One thing that can cause that is when the vents are set to recirculate air from inside the car instead of bringing new air in from the outside. So it is just getting the air more and more humid inside. In the picture linked below, the white recirculate button is immediately above the “OFF” button, the button to the right of that is to bring air in from the outside. Don’t mean to be condescending, but in case you don’t know.

    Or that control could be stuck on your car maybe? What year and model car? Don’t lose your head out the window!

    • Wow, gonna go have a look at that tonight, will update you! I have a chico 1.3 city golf, 1998. I definitely have those first 5 buttons (from left side to right), but I actually haven’t seen the last two that you are describing.
      this is very likely because I am a blind fool, but it could also be that my ancient skadonk of a car doesn’t have them πŸ˜›

      And don’t worry, it’s not condescending, it’s damn helpful! hehe πŸ˜›

      • and good to hear from you attr! havent read your blog in too long, so sorry 😦 i blame drama department!

        • Hey, there’s more important things than reading blogs. :^)

          Here’s a VW recirculation button picture (see red arrow):

          And I know that problem ’cause I’ve driven around for a day wondering why my windows were fogging up.

          • Dang it 😦 I looked all over in the car, but I don’t have that recirculation button though. Soon as I have a minute, I’ll take a photo of the buttons I do have and upload it here. The pic you sent me looks like it’s of a very recent model though. Mine’s pretty old, it still has a choke/throttle even!

            • atimetorend said:

              Wow, I’ve never had a car with a manual choke! Yeah, post or email a picture, that would be good.

              • ok so it took me a few days of arguing with the interwebz, but i’ve now managed to upload the pics. Let me know your wise thoughts πŸ™‚

                • I have discovered one thing!
                  K so there are two rows of levers, as u see in the pic. They move from left to right. In the top row, the lever on the right. That controls whether or not air blows out of the slats just below the front windscreen. Off = lever to the left, close to the logo with 6 little white squares. On = lever to the right, close to the logo which looks like a windscreen with lines on it.

                  Hope this helps you in our worthy quest. I’m still baffled, and still drove home with foggy windows last night. lol.

                • Uh oh, I don’t think I have a clue. :^(

                  Except that it looks like from the icon above the fan controller, VW wants you to push all the levers to the far right for defrosting the windshield. That makes sense, if you don’t have air conditioning, you need warmer air to remove the humidity. ‘Course who wants to do that when it is already hot and humid?

                  Good luck!

                  • Bah humbug, VW is a pesky one! I’ve tried to push everything to the right, and while it is definitely better than blasting cold air, it takes like 10 minutes before the air heats up. Which means that I have to drive in complete fogginess for ten minutes before it starts to get warm. Oh sigh.

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