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What! Term Two? Who?

Believe it or not,

I am still alive

I have not replied to people’s emails because when it’s a toss up between shaving my armpits and replying to an email, sometimes, I gotta pick the armpits.

I haven’t even picked up the Grocott’s edition that has an article on the Drama Department’s Innovations show, which I helped organise. I think it was like two editions ago. I’m going to have to look in the museum archives at this rate.

Today we ended lectures, I handed in my last essay, and had an INSANE little night. I spent most of Thursday (from 2 to 8pm) working on an English essay that refused to end, then I went to The Dead Will Tell gig I organised through Live Music Soc, half way thru that I realised I was going to die if I didn’t finish my essay, so I went home, fetched my laptop, came back, set up HQ in the Slipstream kitchen, and proceeded to complete my essay. With Johannesburg metal echoing all over the place. Worked pretty well, if I do say so myself.

The Dead Will Tell pic by Wayne Nel

The Dead Will Tell - pic by Wayne Nel

I even got a shout out during The Dead Will Tell‘s set, which was sweet, and made me drop my English discourse and head for the pit. Twas awesome. At least I can say I’ve been dedicated a song 😛 After that, I headed home for an hour, finished up the essay, finalised the LMS Semester Report, and then went and hung out with the band dudes until 4 in the morning. At 8AM the alarm tootled off and I just managed to get my essay in on time 😀

I haven’t had coffee yet and I am miraculously functional 😀 Ahhhhh live music *heart thump heart thump heart thump*

I missed nights like these!


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