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Why is it so difficult to understand? A homosexual person is not a criminal!

I’m not your usual political analyst blogger.

I leave the ranting to the Opinions section of the Mail and Guardian, one of

South Africa’s less biased newspapers. I say “less biased” because I don’t believe in total media neutrality. But the M&G seems good enough.

But what I read today really struck a nerve.

I’ve been following the cases of two Malawi couples who were recently arrested and charged for “unnatural acts and gross indecency.”

This week, the Malawi courts show how pathetic they are. How steeped in colonialist bigotry AND archaic worldviews they are.

The magistrate who sentenced these men to fourteen years of imprisonment with hard labour, claims he is setting a tough example for the rest of the country. To save his people from, God forbid, catching the homo virus! Oh sweet Jesus, save us all! I’d like to argue that he is merely reiterating the fact that African countries keep falling behind the rest of the world, wallowing in hypocrisy and completely fucked-up priority lists.

How ridiculously inhumane this is. How disgustingly invasive.

It scares me, that a government can reach out, as if with a grotesque giant hand, and pluck you out of your life, and place you in prison for over a decade, based on its judgement of your private activities.

We are talking about sex, we are talking about love.

There are no mitigating circumstances – there are no minors, the relationship is consensual. How dare any government rip apart our private lives like this. How can there be laws allowing this. This is disgusting.

Read more about this abuse of human rights on the M&G website

And a brief P.S: If you intend to comment saying only, and in caps lock, that homosexuality is satanic and Jesus will save us all, do me a favour, and don’t waste your time. Jesus should have a walk through Malawi’s jails and realise what a fuck up this has been.


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