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Three Great Websites

Subtitle: Three Great Ways To Avoid Studying for my Drama Exam

ONE: Memorize Now

Need to learn Nkosi Sikelele off by heart quickly before the World Cup starts here in South Africa?

Need to memorise a list of positive things about the capital city?

Rehearsing a break-up speech for your soon-t0-be-ex and need to know it off by heart?

This is a clever little website which helps you memorise any text. I’ve used it a couple of times and really liked it. You don’t have to download anything.


For example, “Before taking a laxative, make sure the 1/2 roll on the spindle isn’t the only roll in the house.”

For this and more crucial tips on how not to fail at life, check out learnfrommyfail.com

You may pee yourself. This is the kind of website I go to when I want to hit people with heavy crockery. It brightens up my life. A lot. Repeatedly.

THREE: Laugh at your music scene, because it’s just like this one

Whether it’s Grahamstown, Durban, or the little music scene in my sock drawer (yes), every scene has its stereotypes, and this website parodies them with caricatures. You can’t help but think of some of your friends when you see these drawings. The captions are pretty witty too. Indie Jesus reminds me of a lot of Gtown musicians. I’ve had too many crushes on the various kinds of generic emo boys and sxc mosh warriors. And one halloweencore goth.  Very glad I don’t know a wicked juggalo clown. I’d rather date Kazuo Ohno.

The Scene Queen (image belongs to yourscenesucks.com)


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