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Moose Jaw, Real

Spam quote of day: Moose Jaw, Real.

(inserted in a long ass spam quote of about 200 words. These spam wannabe artistes are just getting worse and worse. I preferred the Chinese genital enhancers ones.)

Why am I awake at 9am on a Saturday morning? When I went to bed at 12:30 on Saturday morning? And I actually woke up at 7am on Saturday morning?

Because I need to make summaries.

About the history of the circus, and Augusto Boal’s theatre of the oppressed. Never mind the fact that I’d rather pass out under my duvet.

Had a really lovely night last night, eating Thai food in a Moroccan style at my new friend M’s house. Amazing how people just discover each other… he’s the kind of person I can talk with for hours and laugh and laugh. So refreshing.

Fear not, blog friends, I am not going to blog next week about how we’re going to get married. When I said I was old hagg-ing it up, I meant it. Not even Jared Leto in a speedo could convert me now.

Not even Johnny Depp in a suit. I am incorruptible. Like. Incorruptible substances.

Random side note – I swear by the power of juju ziggi zu I am going to take my car for a service on Monday! Drove down a pitch black street last night, with epically foggy windows, and pathetic car lights. The heating does work, but it takes a full ten minutes, by which point I’m already home.

Ever driven hunched over the wheel, squinting through a 5cm squared patch that hasn’t fogged up? Not freaking cool. Not.

In yet more ridonkulous news, my fantastic adaptor plug is missing and I’m terribly confused. It was in my car. I didn’t take it out of my car. It is no longer in my car. I suspect I left a car door unlocked and someone stole it. But not the car radio and all my clothes that were in the car. Who knows. The joys of being slightly deranged.


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