| Make This Motion Count |

I had a little house

Floating down the stream

A little square house

With rectangle windows

Little yellow curtains

For my rectangle windows

I keep them all open

To let the sunshine in

The tide rose and I with it I

Cut the roots that planted my house into the soil below

And watched the lift off

Down the stream we went

The little windows were open

And the water started pouring in

Quietly at first

Sneakily through the floorboards

But then in the evening the window sills were skimming the water line

And I saw my curtains soak up

More water than they could ever drain off

Swirling and swirling the water brought us to a rapid

The rapid did not stop like I hoped it would

The floorboards did not know how to swim

If I could only fly, I thought

But I, stuck between the windows and the ceiling and the floorboards

Stayed put as the water came in

And we became

A new decoration for the mise-en-scène under the stream.

24 May 2010

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