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The words and the friends and the tears today

The mom and the work and the passion and the fortune

And yet the need need need for physical touch, for physical release –

What is wrong with me?

18 May 2010


Comments on: "Poetics of May: The Words" (2)

  1. What was that song about ‘try a little tenderness’…seems almost everyone needs that ‘touch’ every now and then….enjoyed your post.

    • Hmmm google says it’s a song by Michael Bublé!
      Haha..guess we all could do with a cuddle or two..

      It’s not just sentimental
      She has her grief
      And her cares
      But a word
      Soft and gentle
      Makes it easier to bear
      So much easier to bear

      You won’t regret it
      Women don’t forget it
      Love’s got a whole
      A whole happiness
      And it’s all so easy
      Just to try a little tenderness

      You’ve gotta try
      You’ve gotta hold ‘er
      You’ve got ta squeeze her
      You have to try
      You’ve got ta try
      And always please her
      You won’t regret it
      You won’t regret it
      Try a little tender-ness

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