| Make This Motion Count |

Seven more sleeps!

…Until I get to Cape Town!

One more week of studying for one exam…wargle wargle wargle, postcolonial English Lit.

I am immensely, monumentally, preposterously bored.

So far, my snooty opinion of the exam outline is as follows:

Question on general postcol theory – Fine.  The argument goes something like this: That which Pan-Africanism tried to achieve, it failed in achieving by its proposition of doing away with something in such a way that it reaffirmed the very thing it tried to do away with. Clear, innit?

Question on Armah’s The Beautyful Ones are Not Yet Born – doable. Ghana sucks, therefore <insert images of poo, trash and bumholes here>. I like your style, Armah. It’s kinda shit that you don’t like white people though, I’m juuuust saying.

Question on San poetry – or rather, the new English re-presentations of the olde English translations of the /Xam oral texts – well. When your lecturer can only say to you “What is the point of these lectures? Oh. Hohohohoho. I’m not sure I have a clear answer”, the only clear answer I have is <insert foulmouthed Italian gangster with wild gestures here>

In other news, my friends are awesome.

In unbelievable skandal news, I am getting my hair chemically straightened tomorrow. I don’t know how I suddenly decided this would happen, but it is.

The salon is just outside of town. There may be wild animals. I may come back bald. At this point, anything is better than my current Weave of Doom. So infamous it is, it has its own tag on Facebook.

In more news, I did not know such levels of boredom were possible. San poetry needs to evacuate my life. Soon.

…two, three, four *dum dum dish* IT’S THE FINAL COUNTDOWWWWN! WOAH OHHH!


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