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Whenever I start to think of your eyes

Gazing upon her lips…

I think instead of the loud laughs of my friends

Of loud guitars that fill the winter nights in the mountains

I think of all the airports I have been in

I think of my little Golf and the missions I go on, alone and free,

I think of my mom and dad, and our lounge in Durban

I think of staircases and doors and windows

Which open and close and have beginnings and endings

Like every part of life,

I think of driving past the Drama Department and the actors cheering me

And I think it’s alright,

It is all alright

It is alright.

Comments on: "Poetics of June: Drowning out" (6)

  1. Oh my…this “driving past the Drama Department and the actors cheering me” completes the story and sets the backdrop for the other lines…well done!

    • Aw yay! Thank you 😀 it’s kinda sad that my writing improves with every shit boy experience i have… maybe tis the curse of the poets 😛

  2. nothing like a douchebag to get the ol’ creative juices flowing! LOL

    I really like this one! I’m trying to change the way I think, so the idea of consciously changing from a negative way of thinking to a positive one is nice to explore.

    • That’s a rad thing to do, and a difficult one. I used to keep a diary where I wrote 3 positive things for each day that happened. it was my homework diary too, so on the same page, every day, i saw all the crazy, stressful work I had to do, all the crap stuff that happened, as well as those 3 positive things…it really helped 🙂

  3. ooh, good idea! the last few days I’ve been very stressed out and focusing on the icky parts of life…I need to be more faithful about counting my blessings.

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