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I quite like

The mist at 08:36

The softened sounds of everything

But the microwave

Heating up the seed-pillow

That’s going to keep me warm and functional

Through this long, cold day.

And I quite like

Straining my ears to pick out

The gentle melodies coming over from the neighbour’s house

For once not the meaningless thud of wannabe gangsters

This is the music to rise to

I imagine her getting out of bed

And letting the sound fill her room

Keeping it warm and full of light

And giving her a pull and a push just to get her going.

It all sounds so much better

Than slapping yourself awake in a cold shower.


Comments on: "Poetics of June: The Mist at 08:36" (4)

  1. A truly fun poem that captures a morning like a photograph…warm as a fine cup of tea.

  2. love this one…it’s so evocative, almost tangible–you really bring to life that ephemeral morning feeling. very nicely done 🙂

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