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Looking at a photo of you, girl.

Your hands steady and gentle on the steering wheel

Your eye set and shining, watching the road, radiating joy

Thin lips held tight in, because you’re about to burst into a massive smile…

that could light a cave…

that could change everything…

Picture taken by boy number 10.

Date: over two months ago.

You had no idea what was coming.

There is no sign

In the skin under your eyes,

In the lines on your cheeks.

(Call me self-indulgent, for writing a poem about me…)

I like the bliss in this photo

He probably was starting to realise you weren’t right

But you

You thought you’d found peace

And that day was radiant for you.

I know what you were thinking, when you realised you were driving out of town:

All those desperate dreams

Were coming true, on that road.

Well, he was just a lucky witness to your rising.

And you could have taken that road without him,

I think in time you will.

It was wholesome, beautiful, to have someone along for the ride, but

now I think you know

Driving solo hurts a lot less

Than driving with an empty passenger seat.

And you know what I mean,

You’ve driven blinded by tears and you know what I mean,

Sickly pungent the Citi Golf air was

Choking you,

You know what I mean.

Sit upright.

Sit upright, on your Batman pillow in the car seat made for tall men.

Things will be alright,

Sit upright,

Desolation dries up too, you know

(it’s just like a blood stain).


Comments on: "Poetics of June: Driving Solo" (3)

  1. How do I insert line breaks? I tried

    and Shift + Enter, nothing is working. Technology hath whipped my ass yet again.

    Secondly, any crits on the closing lines? I think they kind of suck compared to the rest of the poem…

  2. A very fine self-reflective poem about relationships in general…I understand where you were headed with last line…but sure it conveys what you want.

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