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There are seconds
When a song starts
With gentle, melodic notes,
Fingers strumming guitars like cheeks,
Sharp deep intake of breath…
That I think of you.

It’s a gap in my day
A space in time
When the pretenses fall like embarrassing pants to the floor
And my teeth grate against each other
The universe shrinks to the size of my heart
And my heart encompasses you
Nausea rises and my stomach closes,

Then the lyrics enter, and half of the times, they don’t match my life,
So I retreat into fantasy
Lean back in my seat and admire the beautiful song
Because it’s not a musical interpretation of my soul
The lyrics save me from thinking.

Some times I get scared
Like when I walk into a store and a song plays
That rips apart my carapace
And I have to stand there
And pretend that I am a pillar of strength
But I am just fleshy pink pulp

I am highly susceptible
Some would say badly emotional…
If I could just whizz through the months
And arrive at the day when the most lacerating violin chords
Say nothing to me,
But oh, what a pretty song.

Until that day, I remain floating in a sea of sounds
Which at times flood my soul
And leave me gasping…

My soul is arched, bent over double, clinging onto itself and still figuring out
What to do with the space you’ve left behind.

Comments on: "Poetics of June: For the love of music" (2)

  1. Sometimes I am amazed that a few notes from a song can flood the mind with emotions…pouring in as though someone opened a floodgate that held back the memories…I really found your poem to capture those moments well…thanks for this poem.

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