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Wild Things

Three things I said in my essay today on the impossibility of cultural purity (this being the last standing shibollith of cultural colonisation):

1. Thus therefore
2. Academia, if it is not applied to real life, is useless
3. Umuntu ngumuntu ngabanye abantu

And after this glorious declaration, let me declare open the days of wild frolicking through the streets of Cape Town, Grahamstown and Durban!

Here’s hoping somewhere in these 6 weeks I find myself a shallow fling to boost my self-esteem (sexy hag of the village remains sexy despite being hag of village, yo)

Here’s hoping I manage to read all those damn books for my next two English modules
Here’s hoping the English Department catches fire but the only thing that actually burns is the English 3 exam papers
Here’s hoping I get automatically certified as Young Genius without having to write more exams
Here’s hoping mah travels go safe and I don’t get abducted and sold on the black market for body parts
Here’s to FIRST SEMESTER of my third year at Rhodes, GONE! FEEENEESHED!


I’m always so elegantly composed after exams, truly.

I have straightened (with a hair straightener iron) my already chemically straightener hair, and I look unrecognisably Awesome. Yes I have just capitalised an adjective. BOOM.

Can’t believe it’s over. My nails (or lack thereof) look atrocious. I promise to blog I am now growing them!! This nail-biting thing really must end, I can’t even type properly 😦
But on the upside.
Tomorrow I leave for Cape Town, I most likely won’t be blogging, but I will come back with riveting stories, just in time to attend Gtown’s annual National Arts Festival! Their slogan is “amaz!ng” with a ! in it.
You can tell it’s my kind of th!ng…

H!gh t!mes up ahead!

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  1. Can’t wait to see your face. (Blaaaze!)

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