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This blog post comes from Rondebosch in Cape Town, in the Western Cape of South Africa.

What am I doing here?
I’ve kinda asked myself this a few times this week
Tonight is my last night here and I’m pretty bowled over with thoughts and impressions and experiences.
It’s making me use ‘and’ a lot.

This is one of those tiny weeks in my life which is going to require several days of processing and investigating in order for it to be digested properly.

For now, the teasers are as follows:
Muscley men clad only in sparkly spandex hotpants…
The forest in the background of a university…
Houses as wide as a car and as bright as highlighters…
Roads peppered with South African flags and vuvuzelas and hooting, cheering, vuvuzelaring…
Two full bowls on a carpet, facing each other, homely like the two kids humming over them…
Three. The awkward that is the number. Eyes rolling, dropping, freezing, popping…
Skinny legs, tight pants, pants hanging the trendy way, pants not hanging the trendy way, pants in general, boots and dresses, and sunglasses with the lenses pulled out…
XLRs, speak-on to speak-ons, Roland, Cubase, the mic from Berlin, headphones bigger than my face…
Tea is the best way to avoid awkward moments of 3…

To be continued…
I should be back home (the one in Gtown) on Tuesday morning. Judging by my first bus trip, and general African Timing*, I’ll be arriving around the same time as Santa Clause.

* African Timing: South Africa doesn’t have Daylights Savings, but we do have this one general principle: If it is meant to happen now, it will happen later. If it should happen later, it will get done by 5PM tomorrow. By 5PM tomorrow we mean next year perhaps.


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