| Make This Motion Count |

Two quick thoughts

(because regrowth is happening, and you can see my real roots coming through, they’re theatre-coloured)
(and in the theatre, we never really have enough time)

Bon Iver’s music makes me want to weep and weep and weep.
Something is kinda wrong but I’m not sure what.
But this music slashes and shreds all my pretences.

I was watching a girl today drive around the city, pulling out her car keys, jangling them, fixing her jacket that never fits right, and driving around strong although she didn’t know which roads to take. I looked into the puddles of the rain and saw her watching me, and I realised that despite her baby cheeks, she was really starting to grow up. It kinda made me think. Then I stepped into the puddle and broke the thoughts. Time to keep moving.


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