| Make This Motion Count |

The feel of a new friend’s shoulder pressing into your own
An embrace you are still learning to trust…

A look, more like an electric current, across a room
A look left unspoken but felt, nonetheless
Thought of bitterly as meaningless in the long run
But felt, right now, nonetheless.

In the smokey room, discovering among the ashtrays that
there is no opposite to the term “phallocratic”
So we make one up – “vaginocratic”
Sounds just about right
Just about.

Doing the South African thing, doing the intertextual thing…so the term “douche bag” morphs into “qeesh bag”
…and that’s “q” with a Zulu click.

And waking up with a strange song in your head, a song that goes
AIAIAI I am your butterfly
I need your protection
Be my samurai
(Die Antwoord)

Discoveries and adventures and…

tomorrow is the first day of FEST!

(i was just sailing along and this is the sea beneath me now, this is the air all around)


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