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What an excellent show!
My only real crit is that the beginning felt a little unpolished and nervous, but considering that this was their first run, I’m sure it will be perfect in the next few days. Dorian Burstein from Pictures of You (which I became obsessed with at last year’s Fest) is in it, as well as two AMAZING performers called Taryn Bennett and Helen Iskander. Directed by James Cuningham. Definitely keeping an eye out for them next year, they were incredible. These women dressed up like men, fishermen, Eastern European fishermen, to be precise. They tell the story of two guys, not particularly extraordinary, in a little seaside village, in a country plagued by wars. There is a constant tug between the hilarity of their obviously fake moustaches, and excellent masculine gestures – and the tragedy of the stories they tell, of the people around them becoming victims to the invading soldiers. Their use of physical theatre to switch between characters, time and places is just phenomenal. I can only really explain it by jumping up and down with my arms outstretched and my mouth wide open.

And ya gotta see the seagull. He’s just too cool.
I’m so glad I nearly ran over a donkey to get to this show on time, it was really great. Can’t wait to see more of their work!


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