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Alright, despite often being a Rhodes propaganda machine, I’ve got to be honest, this time my Rhodes peers let me down. Having seen work by Dana Bosch before, I don’t really think this was her best work. Neither was it Ryan Haynes’s best performance.  I think my biggest issue was the script – that’s what limited the performers and the director.

The story is straightforward with one clever twist, which I won’t reveal, but it deals with the dramaramas of dating and flirting. There were some witty repartées such as references to the “awkward turtle”, but due to the blocking and staging, some of these lines were lost. I really feel like the script could have given more – more witty banter, more comic sequences, more cheesy lines – all of this would have helped the actors deliver a better performance, with better executed timings.

With a better script, the piece could have afforded to run for longer than the 20 or so minutes it lasted today. Then the scene change (with a bulky king sized bed and four people clambering about to assemble it in dimmed lights) would have been more appropriate, and we could have become more emotionally invested in the characters.

For a student production, it wasn’t bad, but I really believe everyone in the team is capable of much greater things, and I hope this becomes a stepping stone for them into greener pastures…theatres… whatever that expression is… *awkward turtle*

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