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Deep Freezing | image from http://www.nafest.co.za

What a quirky piece!

It’s great to see work created and performed by South African women – all too often the theatre scene here is dominated by men. I was expecting the piece to be a lot more overtly political than it was…In short, it deals with two South African women who freeze themselves in their ice-cream shop freezer, and pop out every ten years or so. When they pop out in 2010, they realise a lot of things have changed, as they sayin one of their more overt lines, “you can’t call them brownies anymore”. The piece toys with magical realism and fantasy jumbled up with real-life politics and history, culminating in a bloody zombie-film-like ending…it was really funny…it was a little odd though… It was very well crafted and with excellent comic timing, but in today’s show they often spoke too fast and high-pitched for us to hear… It was funny but could have been better scripted… I’m not too sure what to make of it.


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