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Andrew Buckland on Breed poster | Image from http://www.nafest.co.za

Breed was created by the Ubom! Eastern Cape Drama Company, and features theatregodmaker Andrew Buckland, man for whom many a Drama student has built a shrine.

The piece was incredibly well-polished and hilarious from beginning to end, with some incredibly poignant moments too. I see it as an original tragicomedy which deals with the bonds and tensions of family, as well as the greater machinations of the political regime of Apartheid, and the intertwining of these two issues.

Although Buckland does overshadow the rest of the cast, who, for all their talent, are not as famous, I think everyone on stage was remarkable, and I’m keen to see their future work.

Breed | Image from http://www.nafest.co.za

I especially hope that the style of physical theatre which the Ubom! cast uses becomes more theirs, in a sense, because the Buckland influence was quite clear.

Again, having worked on Stilted and having watched Blood Orange, I thought that the physicality in Breed could have been more original, could have taken bigger risks. But overall it was definitely a fun and memorable performance, creating the kind of theatrical imagery that sticks in your mind for ages…


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  1. thanks for the critique Martina…. x

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