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coming home..

Stilted is over *cry cry*
But this does mean I can go home to Dehbs and not cook or drive for a few weeks. I can forget about laundry and setting the alarm and dealing with other people’s messy shit.
I can be a kid 😀

In other news, today I met FTH:K’s Liezl de Kock. She is so freakin cool and humble. I blushed my face off and told her she is, like, totally my hero.

Yes. That’s what you spout after three years of English Literature and Drama Studies.
Like, totally my hero.

In yet more news, I have a cough.
My blame is like a bullet, and it has names written on it.
But hey. The fun always has to come at a price 😛

I’ll probably be offline for a few days as I hibernate under my mom’s ironed sheets and devour her supply of Woolies nomnoms. Don’t mind me, I’ll soon be back to wrap up the Fest reviews, the Cape Town advencha stories, and probably rant about male idiots. Yknow, the usual motions.

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