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…honestly? It should have been called Fagball Fagball, FreakingAwfulNarrativeBall FreakingAwfulNarrativeBall…

East West Theatre Company, this is why you failed:

Andrea Capaldi in a THONG – http://cuepix.ru.ac.za

1. You labelled the show All Ages, with entire classes of school children attending it, and then you put a big muscley man in a THONG. WHile he clings onto another guy pleading FUCK ME OH PLEASE FUCK ME. Then you have some saucy sex scenes.I hope you weren’t surprised when throngs of people walked out shaking their heads. I’m not a prude, you just marketed incredibly wrong.

2. You write a two-page program note resembling an anthropological research essay on the power of theatre and football, healing and unity, you sound like a national anthem of love and peace and MULTICULTURALISM, and then you fail to provide translation for 90% of the piece, which is in Italian, Slovenian and I don’t even know which other languages… despite the occasional translated phrase on the two mega-screens on the sides of the performance area. So you INTENDED us not to understand much of the piece?  The audience was generally baffled, bored, and pissed off.

The saving choreography/acrobatics

3. You actually try to have a narrative, but it becomes impossible to follow due to the porno distractions, the language barriers, and the constant interruptions by the only decent part of this whole show: the soccer acrobatics. You should have scrapped it all, except the lovely and exceptionally-trained acrobats who did some outstanding tricks and choreography with soccer balls.

4. You have one woman in the entire show, and her only role is to pick up the clothes on the washing line, and have sex with one of the soccer players. Seriously?

Guys, you are all sex gods, but you should have stayed home.


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