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Melancholia mulled things over a milkshake, and thought to herself:

If I had to think of all

the ghosts that broke my heart before I met you

I would see clearly why you were so special

in those hours

in those few summer hours

I would know clearly why

summer fruits can’t be eaten in winter


if I had to say that everyone after you

was like a Walmart, less cute, version of you

I would know that I am lying

because you were never meant to be permanent,

you were never meant to be the measuring mark,

Your name was transient and your love was nomadic like mine

Except we all know I’m terrible at my job while you,

You taught me how to turn away.

If I had to say I had a wake up call on any given day

I might pick today


I realised that it really was done after it was over

And I can no longer fall to my knees

Praying fervently for a return to the past

For a love that was never love –

It was only good because it was transient.

Sickly sweet the smell of defeat

The last little sweet memory is laid to rest

in the past and I accept transience cannot last.

And so all that is cherished is cherished as a memory, not a current truth.

But truth, even if only existing in a buried state, is still a truth.

Truth of the past.

So step out and stand up, and walk away and bite your lip and don’t look back because he’s driving off he’s driving off and he’s not coming back.



Comments on: "Melancholia" (1)

  1. Reading these lyrics might make this make more sense:
    Laura Marling – Ghosts-

    and Say Anything – Less Cute –

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