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This year I didn’t see any live music shows….except this one. And I’m willing to bet it was one of the best. This two-piece act, two singing guitarists, one from SA, one from USA, has some of the best audience appeal I’ve seen. They don’t pull it off because they’re flaunting their man tits (unlike Zac Efron sexgod, cough, what?), but because they are such genuine, friendly people. Onstage. No egos. None of this, I’ll sign your boobs later, sort of attitude. Just lovely, positive attitudes. Thank heavens for musicians like these! And the music itself – phenomenal guitar skills, beautiful voices, interesting lyrics… I even bought the CD.

Masauko Chipembere signalling to the crowd

In short, a refreshing show by a colourful, talented band. They have enough energy to make you think you’re listening to a six-piece band. It was so inspiring, so thank you.

[All photos from http://cuepix.ru.ac.za/main.php?g2_itemId=61393%5D


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