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Corné and Twakkie give their fans some lovin'

Okay guys,so you are like totally famous. So don’t be schoopit and expect a huge review from me because like guys, I am not kak, but you don’t need me to stroke your egos further, do you?

Twakkie if you are reading this, ek is lief vir jou.

Anyway, let me speak like a professional.

The show was good, the costumes were horrifyingly good, the doos in the audience was picked on in truly great fashion, you let me squeeze your bums and get a photo with you after the show, you have great merchandise and can market yourselves better than a prostitute on Durban’s Point…

I do think you aren’t as funny as you were back in the old days. You know, back when you had a website on the interwebs.

You do still rock my boat, and you put on a show to a full house, Corné managed to pull off the Love Captain even though he had an injured arm, thus therefore,

I are stoked wif yous.


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