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Life tinted in neon

Well that was a crazy first week.

I can’t believe I have two terms left of my degree! It hasn’t really sunk in, it’s all gone too fast and as usual I’m scared I’ve missed out on so much. That’s just me being me though.

Last night I finalised my cast, so I am all pumped and ready to go, to bring my 5-minute theatrical rendition of THE MIGHTY BOOSH to the Rhodes stage!

I’ve received a lot of encouragement from the Drama kids, and now I just need to get the thumbs up from Janet Buckland. And then. I shall bring on the neon.

from the Robots In Disguise website

It all sounds like a ridiculous amount of work, for what will effectively be a mere 5-minute extract, which counts for very little marks, but that’s not the point. The marks are never the point. I think this could be an amazing experience. Can’t wait to have costumes and props ready, I’m definitely going to do a photo shoot 😀

So that’s for my Directing exam, in exactly one month from now. I’ve also started work on a group task for Contemporary Performance, for which we have to create a site-specific performance for October. My classmate B and I went to check out some playgrounds at a couple of schools here…It’s going to be freaking great. The one playground even has a tree-house!! We don’t really have ideas for a script yet, but we’re both intrigued by the notion of games in life. I’m thinking along the lines of the repetitive games people play, the patterns we get stuck into, and are incapable of living without. Like when mothertruckers flirt with you, spout reams of sweet words, then shun you like a mangey dog, then spout more reams of sweet words, then shun you again. Patterns. Games.

And in other news, English Lit is a boring tit, and I am trying hard to find sneaky ways to avoid failure! It’s ridiculous how much reading they expect us to do, and I am ridiculously over all this academic farting. In a few weeks we will be starting Salman Rushdie in class – I still haven’t finished the novel we are currently on, because it reads like an Australian version of Wuthering Heights, and I couldn’t be bothered to waste my few free seconds on such drivel.

It doesn’t help that the lecturer said to us “When I first read Voss, I fell asleep. The first four times. I couldn’t get through the first forty pages. Oh hahahaha you guys still have so much reading to do, shame, I feel a sort of sadistic pleasure in telling you how hard it is. Hahahaha.”

Thanks, deathbringer, you have prescribed me a tome of shite of 300+ pages, and still find it acceptable to admit that you –  in all your lecturery resplendent glory – found it heinous. And don’t give me that crap about “but once you read it a few times, it just grabs you, like an hallucinogenic drug”.

I’ll show you hallucinogenics. With my fists. In your eyeballz.

In the words of Vince Noir and Howard Moon – MMM P-TA MASALA. MMM P-TA MASALA.


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