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Finding My New Style

Two awesome things happened to me lately.

1. I Discovered Allie Brosh’s Hyperbole and a Half. She is the master of hilarity and kak-funny drawings. Seriously one of the best blogs I have ever read.
2. My own blog has been having more than 5 reads a day.

And so I have been inspired. I can’t draw to save a starving Ethiopian, but. I am majoring in Drama, and I have a face.

This has led me to the logical yet innovative conclusion that my face can be a cartoon, and I will make you all laugh your tits off with my usual stories interspered with photos of my schoopit face.

This is not an opportunity to make porn with my nose. Anyway, I’ve accepted that Facebook is probably using those pictures of me at the beach anyway, so I don’t really care if my face goes all over the internetz some more.

Okay that’s all. Thought y’all should be warned.

Comments on: "Finding My New Style" (3)

  1. I love this idea! Also, you are very funny and I love your writing style. Have fun friend 🙂 xx

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