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About three weeks ago, I came back from holiday to find a carton of milk in the fridge. Knowing that my digsmate doesn’t drink milk, I thought it belonged to her visiting brother.

But when he left, abandoning the milk carton in the fridge, I was perplexed.

The carton was taking up valuable space in my tiny dinky fridge, and I needed to know what its purpose in life was.

The carton has been glaring at me ever since. Every day, I open the fridge, and there it is, just standing there like a selfish git. Taking up shelf space. My water bottle is undergoing therapy induced by lactose claustrostrobia.

Still, the digsmate is sensitive, and I avoid worrying her with such minimal issues as decomposing milk which is – as I type – turning into frot kak which will crawl up my nose when I’m asleep.

Yesterday, I thought I’d be charitable, and reassure myself that the milk is still legally allowed to be in the fridge as it has not yet expired. So I sauntered into the kitchen, looking normal.

Opening the carton, I should have been alarmed by the solid white flakes that fluttered out, but no. I soldiered on. Only once my poor nose had hovered over the open carton did I realise.

We’re all going to die.


Comments on: "The suspicious carton of milk" (2)

  1. bwaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

    loved the vivid illustrations of sheer horror!

  2. Hey Abigail! Thank you hehehe! I finally worked up the courage to ask my digsmate about the milk…she non-chalantly told me her visiting brother left it there.

    I was like.
    If I visited your bed and left a poo in it, would you just leave it there for three weeks too?

    Okay I didn’t say that but my eyeballs did.
    Milk carton is now resting in peace in the trash.

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