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This is a second, and final, disclaimer to any and all who may have taken offence to my blog.

Please refer here for my first Disclaimer.

Let me first remind you that I have the freedom of expression.

Let me then remind you that you do too, which is why there are comment boxes at the bottom of every post, so that you can write back to me, and publish your opinion. You don’t have to like my blog, but I don’t have to stop writing it because you don’t like it.
Let me further remind you that you also have the freedom of choice, and have not been forced to read this blog, and can easily stop reading it.
And for the last time, let me stand on a cardboard box with fairy lights and Christmas bells to say I USE SARCASM, PEOPLE! AHAHAHAHAHA. So we can all laugh at my silly life! Most of the time, I’m the one that looks like an idiot by the end of the post. And when I make fun of other people, it’s not because I hate them, it’s because they’re doing stupid or funny things.
And if you cannot deal with sarcastic criticism, please leave this earth. You will just not make it in this life.

To anyone who has been seriously grieved because I called them a tit or insulted their fashion sense or wished they would get fleas – I really don’t mean any serious harm, and I have no fashion sense of my own to speak of, so clearly I can’t be that serious, so carry on with your life!!

Have an awesome Saturday, it is 11.24am and I’m off to buy a tambourine 😀


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