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Good reads

Believe it, because it’s true.
I am enjoying my syllabus for both English and Drama.
I don’t think this has happened since first year!

In English we are currently looking at Raymond Carver’s short stories. I read “A Small, Good Thing” today and cried internally. It is so so beautiful and conveys a myriad images and feelings in a few pages.
You can find an online version on it if you Google the title.

In Drama we’re studying Kushner’s “Angels in America”, a gay fantasia on American politics in the 1980’s…Phenomenal, hilarious, incredibly dense with ideas and philosophies about religion, sex, gender, politics, relationships, identity, the theatre and more.

And finally, today I started reading Caryl Churchill’s “Cloud 9”, created in the 1970’s as a response to sexual politics. It draws a link between colonialism and sexism. So far, it’s hilarious and creepy, although I’m only in the opening scenes.

I can’t even properly phrase my joy right now. Thank goodness some good literature and plays have come my way. After the nausea of Patrick White’s Voss, and the general crap that English 2 was last year, I was starting to regret some of my degree :/

So yay!! I LOVE BOOKS!

/end of bookworm rant.

Time to put on my acting face and present my final pitch for Directing 3! This time it’s an extract from Happy Natives, by Greig Coetzee 😀


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