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Carry me home

In July 2010, I pulled out a bright orange Bible carrier-bag, thinking:

Tomorrow the domestic worker comes.

I will give it to her along with some worn-out socks and a stained shirt.

I’m not the biggest Samaritan

But I kind of try.

As the Treasurer of her church,

She may well find a fitting owner

For this remnant from my Charismatic days.

There are still some bunched up tissues in the internal pocket.

I used to keep them with me since my first days at Youth meetings.

It got annoying to burst into holy tears without some tissues nearby.

Maybe if I unfurl these tissues now I will release the ghost of something holy.

Maybe there will just be my old fossilized snot.


Like my flesh.


Comments on: "Poetics of July: Carry me home" (4)

  1. An interesting poem to read…thanks for sharing you words.

  2. ahhh memories of youth group…in retrospect I’m not really sure how I managed to keep my faith given those godawful experiences…

    • hehe so true hey! i do remember being freaked out by a few things, but the general sense of community and family tends to make you numb to the wtf aspects 😛

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