| Make This Motion Count |


I was only looking for a little bit of sweetness

A hand to watch uncurling as lips pop and shoulders slowleeeey


And breathing together is an option I like to pick.

Pick me, pick me

Pick me out in a crowd in a meat market in a shopping mall.


It’s okay if you’re drunk because it makes you warmer

It’s okay if I’m sober it helps me remember

And in the nights when you’re gone I use my recall

To feel your presence still here

Pressing me into the wall

Benefits of a single bed

Benefits of a live lived in my head


My blanket never said,

you should count your blessings dear

because they will disappear, hear?

My blanket didn’t say you should think of the future

My blanket’s rhyming couplets would make no difference here

Because every time it tried I choked it like I

choked my conscience and then I

stripped the bed much like I

stripped my own body and I

ignored ignored ignored

And when I gripped you my white knuckles your hot back

Those tears were all I had left of my former self.


So frustratingly contradictory, I am neither slut nor abstinent.

I enjoy the moments I temporarily regret

Then I bundle most of them in pink sheets and try to forget.

A few months pass and I don’t remember

What your hands look like,

I wrote every date on my calendar

But none of the photos really capture the light in your eyes

It’s as if in my bedroom you all don a disguise

A guise a role a game a trick

Use the right words and you will progress

Like rolling double six you will get your fix

I will get mine

Temporary satisfaction of a much more serious need of mine.


Comments on: "Poetics of September: On My Calendar" (2)

  1. divine….nice poem ….
    love all…

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