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…that i forget all the time

I’ve just been published in a small student magazine here at Rhodes, called Jiggered. Will be scanning in a copy of my page soon, with all its pretty décor

I’ve been nominated and accepted for the Rhodes/Investec/Oppipress Top 100 Students. It’s not really the top 100 awesomest Rhodes kids evarz, but you can only get on the 100 if someone nominates you or you nominate yourself. This really awesome lady whom I’ve worked with thru LMS landed up nominating me, then I accepted the nomination by sending in a CV saying that I do cool stuff like multitasking and washing my hair, and I got in! Now there’s a pic of me in the Oppipress paper and I need to go to Pick n Pay and buy it.


It starts small.


I don’t really know where to start it, but maybe a little more positivity will help.

OH. And I’ve got a digsmate for next year. He JUST needs to sign the contract and then he’s mine mine mine and if he backs out I will sue him in court. HUZZAH. Legalities. I love ’em.

Tomorrow I get my blood test results back.

Ridiculously nervous.

Friends are good, my mom is a superhero, god is the love we transfer into each other’s souls and bodies, and i am one fecking tired scared wuss with calluses on my hands from climbing the scaffolding in the Drama Department a lot.


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