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Three musical gems

I really should blog a lot more about music, considering I am seriously obsessed with it. I guess I just find it hard to review bands…I’m not great at labeling and categorizing them into genres, and I don’t want to pollute the interwebz with yet another review from yet another random kid who claims to know anything about the Scene. With a capital S, bitchez.

…where was I going with this?

Look, I just think these are three bands worth listening to.

I jam to them in the mornings while I shower, I attempt parallel parking while they blast through the one still-functioning speaker of my City Golf, and I would sell small children to see them play live. I’m lucky enough to have actually seen Margaret’s Daughter play live last week, here at Slipstream. Because LMS rocks and we organise cool gigs 😀

Marianas Trench (Canada)

Favourite song right now: Celebrity Status

Proof of their quote-worthiness:

I’ve been here so very long and every word is calculated, never questioned or debated

All these practiced poses, I could wreck it if I had to, but I’m the wreck so what would that do,

My masterpiece will fall apart, it was over before the start…

Architecture in Helsinki (Australia)

Favourite song right now: Need to Shout

Proof of their quote-worthiness:

Put a sthetoscope on

You’ll notice the beat is gone

All that’s left is hesitations from your previous life

Margaret’s Daughter (Johannesburg)

Image from overtone.co.za

Favourite song right now: Lay Your Weapons Down

Proof of their quote-worthiness:

My wish for you: face your fears

Lay it down, right here on the ground

Lay it down, right here right here


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