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Solo missions – I’m starting to get into them. First my epic drive à la banshee, and now today’s mindful, meditative walk/photo session/ happy bunny hour.

I had a great long sleep this morning, and even though my mind started rambling well before the alarm went off, I embraced it and just carried on half-sleeping while I was thinking.

I took my time showering and getting ready, and then I realised the weather was just perfect! And I literally have no work I need to do today. The few remaining bits of work (for my undergrad degree!!) can wait til Tuesday 😀 So I got my camera ready and headed out on a solo mission. None of my friends could make it, which was fine cos it’s good to just be alone sometimes. I needed to just sit with my thoughts and emotions, on my own.

I wanted to notice all the little things we don’t see if we drive. And these days I’ve just been driving to and fro, up and down without a care for the way the petals bend in the wind.

I walked from home to campus, then decided to avoid the main campus areas – I didn’t really feel like seeing anyone I know – and I headed up to the residential areas, where there are a bunch of really classy schools too. I walked through this awesome garden accessible from the street….The shadows and sunlight were really beautiful:

It led me into campus, so I ended up walking past a herd of jocks. One of them had a puppy. By puppy I mean a wild labrador the size of a car. It ran right at me, and my entire cool facade of red sunnies, headphones and headband fell to shambles as I cried out “No guys it’s going to bite me!”

Jock-troupe just grinned the grins of mindless grinners.

I carried on walking, smiling and feeling the cool Grahamstown breeze propel me home.

I have six long nails.



with a few pills, a few walks, a few attempts at jolting myself out of stagnant situations, for now,

i have it.


Comments on: "In the sunlight, you are beautiful" (4)

  1. Those are beautiful pictures. I’m glad you survived your wild puppy encounter. 🙂

  2. Love it! So true…when you drive you miss a lot. It’s kind of like in the book Fahrenheit 451, where it’s the future and billboards are hundreds of meters long because people drive so fast that they need to make them longer so they notice them. 🙂

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