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sunset on goulais bay...

Image by spisharam via Flickr

I watched the light fade

I watched the sun set

I watched the dazzling orange god go down

Giving up on today

Giving up on me

Giving up on you


I like projection far too much


I am the one who gave up

Gave up on today

Gave up on me

Gave up on you

And I’m the one who rises again infallibly

In a mess of red and blue and streaking reeking light

I watch this fall around me

I’m standing in a rain of shrapnel and I cannot move

I watch each piece fall, I follow its trajectory into the dirt beneath me

There’s no stopping

This natural decay

When everything is ending

I too give up

I too am just

A bomb waiting to explode

Shrapnel will fly again when my timer runs out

And your time

Is about to run out

Go down

god go down

god go down I cannot lift you anymore.


Comments on: "Surrender at sunset: October’s Poetics" (2)

  1. An Imperfect Servant said:

    This is really powerful!
    I love the last lines
    They really drive it home.
    Bravo Marty

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