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Multitasking: exam edition

Multitasking. I’ve said it before, don’t do it unless you’re a pro.

When studying and eating at the same time

Do not hold a knife and a pen in the same hand. You will draw on your fried fish.

When walking into the library

Be sure to swipe your student card, not your cellphone, keys, or any other item you may be holding, against the sensor.

Nothing else will work. You can try swipe your cellphone various times but the nasty little red light will not go away.

Use the student card.

It’s in your other hand.

During  a long study session in a public place

You may have headphones in

You may have been sitting for five hours straight

You may have forgotten that you are in a public place


Do not fart.

You won’t hear it above the soothing instrumental music which is delicately caressing your eardrums, but everyone else at the café will.

Image from blood-pressure-monitoring.org


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  1. […] Later on, I tried to write notes while eating fish, and ended up with scribble-licious hake. […]

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