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Just a day in the life of

I wrote this some weeks ago. (I’m currently home and attacking my Drafts folder with renewed ambition. Will be posting about HOME itself when I’ve recovered from the shock of returning to a city that has not one but MANY Woolworths Food Markets.)

Today i woke up pretty early

i worked like a machine

Increased my meds dosage

(i missed my lost friends but i kept walking)

i went to an LMS meeting and once again

felt incredibly proud to be here, to be part of this society at this university,

i dragged myself to the library once again

And then got home and

and now

My jumbled flattened pillows smell like you and i smell like

freedom and fear

(make no promises keep no promises i believe no promises i believe only that my pillows smell like you today and tomorrow
tomorrow is unwritten, and all the words you speak today will not fly into it, no wind will carry them across the sea of time, they will fall down,swirl down, no one will believe them.)


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