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Toothbrush Funeral

-Maude. You need to accept this. Life is in constant flux, and you can’t stop it.

-I can.

-You know very well you can’t, you used to quote freakin Pirandello to me all the time. La vita è un flusso continuo

-But it can’t be. He got it wrong. I want to and I will go back to how it was.

– How? With a magic time machine? She’s not coming back Maudie, you had your time and now it is gone.

-Well that’s a bitter pill to swallow, love, and I don’t think I want to. I don’t think I can.

-You can do anything. Where’s all your self-affirmation gone? Go watch Jessica’s Self Affirmation again.

-She’s a seven year old kid on YouTube. Of course she’s fucking happy.

-But you laughed when you first saw it…

-Yes, but these days I just tend to glare at little kids, because telepathically I’m telling them get out here young, kiddo. You are so fucked, and you have no idea yet. Life only gets harder and soon you’ll be in a corner just like me, stuffing your mouth full until you gag, and there’ll be nothing left to do but scream.

-Are you always this dramatic?

-I don’t have a BA in English and Drama for nothing, you know.

-But seriously, why all the emotion?

-Because Pirandello also said that life is a multiple system of delusions. If I don’t cling to my heart, to the things that make it pulse and beat, and bleed, then I don’t know, I don’t know if life is worth living.

-Remember that girl who was like, life is a lesson in letting go?

– Mm. Any chance she’s a happy-clappy born-again Christian nurse? Because I will stab her if that’s the case.

-No man. Either way, I think she’s right.

-Indeed maybe she is. I just need a million pills and drinks and cocktails of drugs and alcohol to induce me into letting go of anything. For a few minutes.

-See that’s where you mess up. You just refuse to let go.

-I used to hold funerals for my toothbrushes before I had to throw them away. Do you really think this is something in me I can change?


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  1. I liked this. A fun read! 🙂

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