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Steps, bruises and plectrums

The boot camp is over! Some semblance of routine is starting to appear. After an intense O-week of 8.30-4 lectures every day, and a second week spent at Hobitton Outdoor Education Centre in Hogsback, we are now starting with proper classes and things. Things being a ton of assignments which bear little semblance to the academic fah-fah I had to deal with last year.I am MOST pleased. Although answering short questions is quite foreign. What do you MEAN I have to answer you in 50 words for 2.5 marks?!


Our Hogsback trip was pretty epic. It involved a moronic Australian guide getting us lost in the forest, lengthening our hike by 3 hours and shortening his lifespan by many years. Many gods were cursed. Many limbs were bruised. Many plans to murder him were escogitated. But, one step at a time we got out of there, and had the best shower of our lives when we were finally out of the bundus.

Apart from just generally bonding well with a lot of the rad people in my PGCE class, I was so blown away by our lecturers. That usual precarious line between student and teacher was pretty much erased, but not ridiculously so. I dunno, I guess when you climb a mountain with someone, your pretences fall away and they see the real you.  The real you being a very angry sailor who swears at trees and their stupid poking parts.

One of the most memorable parts of this trip had to be all the jamming I did with my friend B. Who, because he is so cool, should probably be renamed Rad Masta B. He rocks at guitar, and I’m not tone-deaf, so we made a pretty good duet. We jammed every day and people really enjoyed it 😀 Apart from being an epic ego boost, it was just lovely to sing again and to jam with a friend. I think I’m going to spend a lot more time this year jamming with Marise, of course, but also with B 🙂


Of course it wouldn’t be Marty’s life if there wasn’t some kind of drama going on. You know you watch those movies with the guy who never stops caring about that damn bitch, no matter how much time and distance passes?  Yeah. I think I’ve become that guy.




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