| Make This Motion Count |

Another week is drawing to a close, and tomorrow I take my first Grade 10 Drama class. I won’t be entirely alone, but it is still my baby to organise and run. Considering I am coming down with an annoying flu, I’m a little daunted. Ms G is going to sound slightly like a dragon.
PGCE aside, the rest of my life is pretty sweet! My toaster passed away this morning, and my heater is in the hospital ward, and my favourite pair of shoes is held together with insulation tape (and thus, unworthy of teacher outfit criteria) , but things are good. I spend a lot of time thinking about school-appropriate outfits. And checking out other teachers to see what their style is like. Thus far I’m not convinced I can rock the knee-length skirt avec pale flowery blouse.
I’m slowly learning that there are great advantages to introversion, and slowly a lot of the crap from past years is starting to fade away.
As usual I keep having half-thoughts about turning this into a food blog, but considering how crap I am at just cooking and eating regularly, blogging about it too would probably result in me adopting takeaways as my staple diet.
Right now my guitar skills outweigh my good eating habits, but I’m sure there are people who wouldn’t fault this 😛
Oh oh – I signed up for the gym today! In all my sickly glory. I feel quite proud 😀 The Gym Bunny Journals will soon be updated 😀

One of the toughest parts of this course is that it requires a lot of HOPE. Undergrad tends to encourage cynicism – it fits in so well with all the postmodern discourse.
Now I find myself hoping I can make a difference, hoping the new curriculum will be somewhat better than the older one, hoping teaching underprivileged kids will help them escape the cycle of poverty. Hoping I will learn something too. Hoping I can accept the motion. Hoping I keep my heart in check. Hoping everything works out for the best. ❤


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