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She was so glad to have brought all her university books home with her. There they stood now on the white bookshelf, shelved according to height and subject matter. They filled up the empty block and with all their colours stood like an army representing a cause, facing her proudly. She hovered her eyes over each spine, from left to right, and let the pre-verbal images flood her brain. Disgrace: the slain dogs, David peeling off his burnt scalp skin. Beloved: at the river, Beloved kissing her mother. Things Fall Apart: the men walking away from the village. The Sound and the Fury: Caddy in the tree with her muddy brooks. Her eye banged against the right hand side shelf and dragged her back into the real world. Her room smelled like her sister’s cream and her mother’s coffee. Old words and lost conversations hovered just outside of her reach.



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  1. Lovely post 🙂

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