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Now this is more like it!

Anxiety through the roof, I am what the doctor will call NOT FUNCTIONAL!
Except I retain a sense of humour, which at this point is more important than being able to control my psychosomatic spasms.

Bring on all the twitches, rashes and mindfucks you can muster, dear Universe. I am full of humour, sarcasm, and writing ability. Suck on that.

So yesterday was a pretty stressful day. You’d think a Graduation ceremony would be a fun and relaxing event. Think again. I woke up with a neck rash, got period cramps during the three-hour ceremony, got nagged by cute but over-eager parents, and came home to a rotten fish.

Let me just indulge in this description. My dear digsmate is analysing a dead fish for his university course, and thus logically concluded that the best place to dissect it would be on the balcony right outside my window.

Remember that nausea sensitivity issue I have?

I nearly chundered. The balconies both ponged, as did all the buckets and mop he used to clean up. Knowing we were about to go out to dinner, I thought to myself

There is no way I am eating fish tonight


Nort bru.

So we get to the restaurant. It’s a small, informal eatery, so the menu offers three options:

Meat. Meat. Fish.

I had a good chortle at the Universe.

And then ended up eating the most amazing fish soup in all of Grahamstown ever. Oh MY soupiness. Thank you Grahamstown Golf Club for totally making my night. Forget Grad, fish soup is where it’s at!

Fish Soup (from http://img.timeinc.net)


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