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Last year I worked on writing some poetry on top of a few photos I had taken. You can see some of the originals here and here.


This year, they got published online by a wonderful independent magazine called Jiggered.

What I like most about them is their passion, above all, for art. This isn’t about money or egos. It’s about getting people’s work seen, encouraging creative expression and artistic interest.


You can catch Jiggered at www.jiggered.co.za

In a few weeks, those of you who are in Grahamstown will be able to buy the printed edition, which contains a (slightly adapted) version of my post on Risky Multitasking, explaining why I no longer drive while eating Steers ice-cream.


Yes, I am beyond stoked that people actually find me funny and are willing to put my words on paper and click Print and watch the computer freeze and click Print again until it actually works. Thank you 🙂


You can buy Jiggered at the Red Cafe on High Street, Grahamstown, as well as from the university’s Block House and from the Jehovah’s Witness door-to-door guys.

What. That IS what they do.


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