| Make This Motion Count |

My sweating heart


There you go –

photo albums are filling up faster than I can annotate them

so please take this pen and help me.

I don’t want to forget a single thought.

Yes it’s cliché, but I breathe better this way.


If this is just a parenthetical blip —

Universe give me the strength not to evaporate

because I swear I’d lose all shape and space

if I lost you…


(this is how a lover muses

after the showers

after the bin-bags full of tissues, snot and vomit

this is how she begins to believe:

praying continuously

-not to god, because he moved to the bin-bag long ago-

but praying feverishly to the ceiling, to the sky, to Life,

that you will not leave

that all her epistemological musings on motion

might just have an exception

an exception with a name

a face

and an exceptionally warm tummy.)


Will you please

reassure my sweating heart,

Will you stay in this picture

Leave your hair on my pillow

And your breath in mine

Will you hold me as the trees disintegrate outside my window

Will you argue with the irrationality of my central nervous system

Will you tell it NO

I am staying

I am here

I am here

I am here.




09 June 2011




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