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An evening at Red Cafe’

The boyfriend and I (yes I just said that) decided we wanted to explore Gtown for a new dining experience. So we started off with an exploration of New Street and High Street on foot. We had heard rumours about the evening menu at Red Cafe’ on New Street. But everytime we tried to go there, it was fully booked. Or closed. Or it was hailing. You know the Gtown ways. But tonight, everything was working out for us. We got there at 6.30, it was almost empty yet it didn’t feel lonely at all. There must’ve been about 3 staff members in total, that I could see. The soft red lighting and dinky candles on the tables gave the cafe’ a really inviting, warm atmosphere. Perfect to counter the windy madness of the night outside.


Now, you must understand, my boyfriend has four stomachs. In one dinner, Red Cafe’ managed to fill them all.

As a starter, I had an amazing Sushi Rolls platter, consisting of chunks of avo, cream cheese and prawns held together by a paper-thin strip of cucumber, topped by smoked salmon.

My man had a bruschetta with a pate’ made of Parmigiano (Parmesan), goat’s cheese. feta, spring onion and pesto!

Unbelievably professional presentation, perfect food… you know I was drooling all over the place.


As a main dish, I had fried and crumbed prawns and calamari, with lovely rice and veggies. Again, gorgeous presentation and fantastic taste. The boyfriend helped himself to a generous portion of vegetarian pasta, served with a mushroom, spinach and feta sauce.


Then came the holy dessert of awesome. Now you know my relationship to sweet things. So you can imagine my utter glee when they presented us with a massive plate featuring a sticky toffee pudding, lathered delicately in butterscotch sauce. No, this is not a pastoral poem. It really was that delicately. So pretty. So delicious.


The entire night, the service was lovely and welcoming. Lou and Morgan go out of their way to make their guests feel at home in their cosy restaurant.

Overall I can’t find a single thing to complain about (and that’s rare, considering whose blog this is :P) – I will definitely be booking a table there again soon!

I really hope more people hear about the wonders happening inside the Red Cafe kitchen…you guys need to become famous!





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