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About Me!

She sits on a windowsill

She is within and without

On edge, on the edge, the trapeze artist.

She is 21 years old, and 1.55 metres tall

In government forms she ticks the boxes for White and Of Small Build.

An Italian South African,

Elite tertiary education postgraduate

And nomad.

Bilingual and speaker of Zulu and French

She writes and reads and listens

Like thousands of others.

She’s a speck

A short small speck

With a temper

And compulsions


And trembling hope.

She likes facts

She loves imagery

She loves the single answer of a maths equation

But adores the journey of a literary essay

Which leaves open entire countries for the mind to explore.

She loves the theatre, the THEATRE!

The music, song, dance

The human body

And speech.

She loves the written word

And the human mind.


Natural, urban, mental.

Adventures, really.

But when looked at from a distance,

She’s just a speck, really.

Just going through the motions.

She is Marty in motion.

She don't really have wonky legs, she just dancin'

What does this kid do, anyway?

> I have just completed a BA in English and Drama at Rhodes University.

> In 2011 I will be getting a Post-Graduate Certificate of Education, after which I hope to work as a teacher.

> I am a member of my university’s Live Music Society, through which I organise fantabulous live shows which are attended by screaming groupies and hairy metal-heads, among other colourful characters. You can hear an interview with yours truly here

> I have tutored French and Italian for beginner students

> And I’ve participated in various productions by the Drama Department, either via stage managing or performing in them

> I live in a 2-bedroom student digs, which means I don’t live with my parents, and I don’t own the flat. Which means when we party, we party hard. I previously lived in a 4-bedroom cave with 5 to 6 strange, strange people. Next year, a total stranger moves in with me in this 2-bedroom flat.

>I don’t like estate agents, they get in the way of my unilateral dictatorship.

> I write a lot of poetry, prose, and any other mélange of the two

> I rant. To any human with functioning ears.

> I clean. I embody cleanliness. I preach the gospel of hygiene and oil-free dishes. Salvation lies in the shiny toilet seat.

> I spend all my free time on sorting out the dramas that student life inevitably throws out, on a daily basis.

> I drive around in a little white Golf from the 90’s, and I never know how to approach a speed bump. I still can’t parallel park, but I’m really good at rollin’ with my Dubstep pumpin’ and all the neighbarz hatin’.

> I’m trying to go to gym. I’ve been four times now (as of November 2010) and I’m really bad. I consist of 80% bones, 10% skin and 10% pasta.

> I drink coffee. TANTO caffè .

(in brief: THE MOTIONS)


Comments on: "About Me!" (29)

  1. wow, awesome poetry and zeal for life

    • haha thanks 🙂 I wish I had zeal to read the French play I have to finish by tomorrow.. eish. Your last post was way interesting btw!

  2. Reminds me of a speck of dust stuck in brownian movement. Probably the imagery. 🙂 oh I mean that in context with the above mentioned zeal.

  3. yes brilliant, that . Very Marty in motion.

    • lolz. I’ve just sat thru three hours of rehearsals. O.o exhaustion. And got told I’m no longer just a stage hand, I’ve also got a teeny leetle acting role of like 30 seconds. 😀

  4. Yes your posts keep me informed 🙂 Brilliant 😀

  5. beckert10 said:

    Thanks for reading my blog…just out of curiosity, how did you find it? I’m trying my best to track who (and how) comes to my site. Cheers…did the poetry. Where do you stay?

    • Hi! I can’t remember exactly how I found it, but I think I was handed a flyer with your URL on it. It was in July, at the Grahamstown Arts Festival. I’m from Durban, South Africa, but I live in Grahamstown for most of the year because I’m at the university here (Rhodes University). Dig your poetry too! 🙂

  6. beckert10 said:

    Whoops…meant to say dig the poetry, not did (although I technically did the poetry)

  7. An Imperfect Servant said:

    Hey, thanks for dropping by and the comments. They really mean a lot. Keep up the writing.

  8. Sei una stella brilliante!! 🙂 I am glad you found me, I’ll be seing you and reading you!

  9. One of the best About Me sections I’ve seen so far. 🙂

  10. Hi, nice to meet you !

  11. Hi,u are amazin’ very rare and complex its an honor to meet you the 1st and last of your breed….,

  12. I see you’ve been subscribed to my blog but I never got to personally thank you for subscribing. Thanks, I’ll be making sure to take a look at your blog. I hope things find you well and thanks so much for stopping by!

    • Thanks Devin! I haven’t been posting much due to the craziness of this term. Hopefully will update soon! Good luck with all the poetry writing 🙂

  13. you haven’t posted in forever 😦 do you have another blog now?

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